No one likes contesting a speeding ticket in court alone. Before you decide not to retain a trial lawyer, it certainly doesn't hurt to speak to one first. 

It doesn't take much to get a ticket in Virginia, so it should come as no surprise that Hampton Roads also has a reputation for active enforcement. Despite the appearance of large roads and open spaces, Virginia has little tolerance for higher speeds. With an acute knowledge of the terrain and the experience of years of enforcement, Virginia's law officers manage to take many drivers completely by surprise. 


At Hobbs & Harrison, our trial lawyers have extensive experience defending drivers in the greater Hampton Roads area and beyond. We have an exceptional reputation and a solid record of results. Depending upon the facts, your charge could be reduced or even dismissed and many traffic matters can be handled in your absence, saving you a trip to court. Even in situations where it seems contesting a speeding ticket is impossible, we have a startling rate of success. 

If you'd like to speak directly with our best attorney regarding your matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call or set an appointment here: We're pleased to offer a free consultation for any pending criminal or traffic matter in Virginia. If you have a question, simply complete the form below and someone from our award-winning staff will contact you as soon as possible during the business day. 


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Every jurisdiction in Virginia is different. Retaining the best attorney with actual trial experience could mean all the difference between a finding of guilty or not guilty. Our trial lawyers include a former Virginia prosecutor and a career defense attorney, who not only work in Hampton Roads, they grew up in the region as well. 

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Your rights can be protected in court.

Contesting a speeding ticket without a trial lawyer isn't easy. But using the best attorney to fight for you has never been easier. 

No one likes to appear in court alone.

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